Service Writer/Shop Manager – Patrick Gonzagowski

"We’ve been very satisfied with the integrated credit card processing. The biggest advantage for us is that we save paper. The customer only needs to sign the repair order and that’s it. I would recommend credit card processing to other auto repair shops looking to improve efficiency within their shop."

Shop Owner – Chris Meyers
(Ocean Air Auto Repair)

"We have had an excellent experience thus far and don't expect to be changing back to our original credit card processing method. The rates so far have been slightly better than what we had and although we were under a previous contract, it was with the local bank we do business with, so they waved the early termination fee. Installation and support was exceptional. We have 4 terminals on the front counter set up with credit card swipers, two of which have the optional PIN pad entry devices. Everything works as advertised, and like Gerald stated, it is extremely fast! It all but totally eliminates errors (great for the Gremlins), prints receipts on your existing printer (eliminating the need for those expensive print cartridges and terminal paper), and it looks professional. "

Shop Owner – Phil Labarre
(Main St. Garage)

"I have XCharge integrated with our Mitchell1 software at two locations and it has been awesome. XCharge takes care of everything, there's no need to rekey in entries, open up other software, or worry about transaction processing. Also, the service has been great! We've always been able to reach a person. "